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The New Indian Bride is Now The New Indian Wife December 28, 2011

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“Did The New Indian Bride end up happily ever after?  * Is her Leading Man still making her heart pitter patter? * She survived her first year of marriage but is she thriving in her new role as wife? * Will The New Indian Bride keep writing?

The answer to all of these questions is yes! 

I stepped away from daily blogging over the last few months because the demands of a new job simply did not afford me the time to write.  However, without the writing, without the blogging, without my readers I was simply lost!  I was missing my center, my north, my reason for being!  Okay, the blog may not have been my reason for being but it quickly became a significant part of who I was and without it in my life I just didn’t feel the same. 

But all of that is about to change. 

I am pleased to announce that starting on January 1st The New Indian Bride will become The New Indian Wife!  While wedding invitations, creative centerpieces and fabulous lenghas will always excite me it is time I leave the bride in me behind and begin chronicling my experience as The New Indian Wife.  So get ready for all the juicy happenings of a real life Indian marriage delivered straight to your inbox every week! 

If you don’t want to miss any of the action then subscribe to the new blog at and follow @thenewindianwife on Twitter. 

Shaadi Ke baad kya haal hota?  You are about to find out!


I am Survivor (and you can be too!) June 13, 2011

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Please rise in front of your laptop, Ipad, Iphone, Blackberry or in front of whatever smart device you are reading this post on and give me a round of applause.  Yes, that’s right.  I would like you to clap for me, preferably loudly and preferably for at least 20 seconds.  If you would like to shout things like “Hollaaaa” or “You Go Girl!” or “Shaava! Shaava!” into your smart device then please feel free.  Why all the clapping and shouting you ask?  Well as of today, I have been married for 366 days.  That means, I have officially (and barely) survived my first year of marriage. 

Since I am still in the thick of it I am not quite ready to be reflective on my experiences.  I will say that I was completely unprepared and naive about what it means to be married, the types of challenges married couples face and how interesting it can be to integrate the lives of two different people from two very different places.

But with my 366 days under my belt, I can say that the number one thing I have learned in my first year of marriage is in order to feel satisfied and happy in a marriage you have to feel 100% happy and fulfilled with yourself.  If you feel 100% fulfilled in yourself then you will feel like giving 100% to your marriage.  If you are not happy with yourself – not happy with your clothes, not happy with the way you spend your time, not happy with your job, not happy with some component of your life – then changing, adapting and adjusting to the other person seems monumentally more difficult. 

So to all The Newly Married Indian Brides out there, stay true to who you are and stay satisfied in yourself.  If you are satisfied with yourself you will be more able to give, to understand, to reflect and to enjoy this thing called marriage.

366 days and counting….


Today I Resolve… June 11, 2011

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The New Indian Bride is finally taking the plunge.  The blog has been a fabulous venue for me to write to my heart’s content about a topic that has consumed my life for a quite some time – weddings!  But there is a larger story brewing inside of me so it is time to finally take the plunge and start work on my first novel.  Soooo here goes. 

Today in this here coffee shop on this Saturday the 11th of June, I formally resolve that my first venture into the world of novel-writing shall officially commence! 

Wish me luck!


This New Indian Bride is a Married Mango – Guest Post for Two Mangoes June 9, 2011

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The New Indian Bride is super excited about today’s post!  I was asked by my friends at Two Mangoes, a refreshingly modern online South Asian dating site, to be a guest blogger.  It took about two seconds for me to say “Yes!” and another two seconds to come up with my topic – dating advice from a married mango.  For all The New Indian Brides-to-be, this one is for you.  Enjoy!


This mango isn’t looking for love.  I found it, dated it, left it, returned to it and then I married it. 

It’s been nearly a year since I married My Leading Man but I am still not able to fully distance myself from all the years as a singleton, dating, searching, longing, hoping and praying to find love.  I was single for 12 years before I met my now husband (16 if you count high school).  There were lots of fellas along the way but my one true love eluded me until my 30s. 

I did it all in the hopes of finding Prince Charming.  I doled up in short skirts and low tops hoping he would pick that one random night to find me at that one random club.  I let Indian Aunties tell me about their teetotaler nephew working in “computers”.  I visited pundits to tell me my fate.  Showed the lines on my hands to anyone who claimed an iota of knowledge.  I wrote a witty profile and posted it on all the Indian dating sites.  I dated friends of cousins, friends of colleagues, friends of enemies, enemies of friends.  I did it all.  But I realize now that I did it all wrong.

Perhaps my 12 years of single life (or 16 depending on when you start counting) would have been shorter if I knew what to look for.  As a Married Mango, there are lots of qualities a husband should have that we don’t always look for when we are dating.  As a singleton, I cared more about superficial stuff – how hot, how tall, how much money, how he dances, is he cool, do my friends think he’s cool, do we go to amazing restaurants and does he take me on over the top “The Bachelor” worthy dates.  I didn’t care about reality.  I cared only about the fantasy that Hollywood and Bollywood projects about dating and romance. 

Now that I am married, I realize the dates with helicopter rides over the Golden Gate Bridge are fun but what I really need is a guy who knows how to make each and every day of our lives special.  A guy with whom I can enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Someone to have fun lazing on the couch watching sports or HGTV with.  Someone who I can cook with, garden with, roam through the farmers market with, enjoy my first cup of coffee with, pick out furniture with, sip a glass of pino grigio in the backyard with on a hot summer day, someone who blends with my family and I with his, someone to solve problems with, to deal with life’s struggles with, to make shared goals with.  Someone who can make day-to-day living just as enjoyable as running away to Paris for the weekend.  

Being married is more like The Amazing Race than The Bachelor.  There are obstacles, challenges, roadblocks, do overs all through life.  Who do you want by your side when you have to climb the mountain?  Will you carry him? Will he carry you?  Will you go hand in hand together?  That is life.  That is married life.

So on your next date, instead of gazing into the person’s eyes fantasizing about exotic vacations try to gaze into your date’s soul to see if all the superficiality were stripped away, is this someone who you can live a life with for all the good and bad that it brings.

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The New Indian Bride is Year Older June 7, 2011

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The New Indian Bride is a year older today!  It is happy birthday to me and I intend to love each and every moment of it.  The last year was a time of immense change. I got married, changed jobs and bought a house.  My whole equilibrium for what made me a good me shifted and it took the bulk of the last birth year to find my balance again.  It took time to find my groove and realize I am a good wife (even though I don’t cook and hire someone to clean), a good homemaker, a good daughter-in-law, a good sister-in-law to My Leading Man’s five sisters, good at my new career and still a good daughter to my mom, a good big sis to my younger siblings and a good friend.  It was a lot of change, a lot of adjustment and a lot of STRESS!  So as I sit here sipping my morning coffee thinking about the year ahead, I wish most that I settle into all the changes my life has recently brought my way.  That I find a way to keep being the person I was before marriage, embrace the woman I have become since marriage and create a life that is uniquely me.  That’s what I will be wishing as I blow out my birthday candles tonight.  I might be wishing for fabulous designer digs from My Leading Man too but mostly I will be wishing for the other stuff :-)


Is AThemed Sangeet For You? May 27, 2011

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Drop “themed sangeet” into Google and you quickly discover that themed sangeets are a new and growing part of Indian weddings. There are colored themes like the all white sangeet that was part of Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi wedding festivities or the Pretty in Pink theme of yours truly.  There was the Cowboy and Indians sangeet theme featured on Electric Karma and Indian Wedding Site. Oh and what about the Mexican themed sangeet recently featured on Maharani Weddings? There are so many possibilities for throwing a theme element into your wedding. 

The question is would you do it?


Pitch A Tent! May 23, 2011

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There is nothing I love more than a perfectly adorned tent at a Spring and Summer Wedding. I love pristine white tents adorned with paper lanterns and lights. I love tents drapped in exotic fabrics and dripping in crystals. I love tents with side walls of faux windows, lined with flowers or decorated with custom drapes.  I love tents of any size, any shape, any color.  I just love tents!

Loving tents can get you in a lot of trouble. Tents may not be as economical as renting an indoor facility, especially when you consider that the tent is just the ceiling. You have to fill all the space underneath the tent with tables, chairs, a dance floor, silverware, glasses and every other minor detail that would be readily available to you in an indoor facility.

For those brides-to-be whose wedding visions include a tent, here are some important points for you to consider:

Selecting a tent size: You need to determine the number of people you expect to attend your wedding. That will help you decide how large a structure you will need. Accurately sizing your tent is very important since the size will need to accommodate tables, chairs, guests and vendors comfortably, with room to walk around, mingle and dance.

Location of the tent: The tent site should be a completely flat surface, away from any standing water or areas where rainwater typically accumulates. This is key in case you will want to install a dance floor. As a safety precaution you’ll want your tent rental company to conduct a site inspection to survey the area.

Styles of tents: Push-pole Tents are the most popular type of tents for outdoor weddings. These structures are kept in place with center poles and are staked into the ground. Push-pole tents are typically the least expensive tent and work best on grass or other pliable surfaces. Sizes range anywhere between from 10 x 10 feet and up and can be covered with fabric or PVC roofs or toppers.

Frame Tents are best for tight spaces. These structures cost more than the push-pole version, because they don’t use poles to support the structure, but a frame. As a result, they can be positioned on any type of surface. Accommodating all of your wedding decorating needs.

Additional considerations: Sidewalls are a practical tent “accessory” Sidewalls are used to create ventilation or protect guests from rain or wind. Before signing a contract with a company, be sure to specify where and when the tent will need to be erected and dismantled. Typically, most companies will set up a couple of days before the event and removal is the next day (this time frame may vary due to holiday or weekend schedules).

The most important consideration of all is the weather.  Tents do not work if rain is in the forecast.  If  a tent is part of your dream wedding, then be sure to check the Farmer’s Almanac for past weather patterns.  You wouldn’t want your dream wedding to be rained out! 

Hope these quick tops help all the New Indian Brides who are pitching a tent for their wedding festivities this spring and summer. Best of luck!

*These tips brought to you courtesy of The Perfect Wedding Gude.



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